In house classic car restoration services include:

  • Disassembly/Reassembly Process

    • All classic car restoration projects are photo documented as they are disassembled. At this time a complete evaluation is done and details are mapped out for the course of action for your vehicle. This entails very detailed planning to ensure that the reassembly process goes smoothly and in a timely fashion.
    • I like to research the history of your classic car and obtain all the required literature to document the correct parts, original finishes, and plated parts of your vehicle.
  • Pre-show Evaluation and Repair

    • If your classic car has been restored but is not to the level that you desire I offer evaluations for preparation of judging events. I am a member of the AACA, NCRS, SAAC, and MCA National Shows. I have judged in these different events and am familiar with both sides of the process for judging and showing of the car.
    • I am also a member of the VMCCA which is a touring club so I understand what it takes to make a classic car road worthy, dependable, but also allows you to enjoy it for road trips.
  • Maintenance

    • Once your restoration is complete some customers prefer to have their classic car come back to our facility to have once a year regular mechanical and cosmetic maintenance. This is done to ensure the car performs correctly, has a fresh restoration look for years to come, remains road worthy and is prepared for award competition for generations to come.
  • Glass Beading

    • Glass beading is a rare process I offer to other restoration shops and automobile restoration customers. It eliminates rust and contamination with minimal or no damage to the base metal frame and body.
  • All upholstery, body work, paint, sheet metal, fiberglass repair, and glass work is done on site.

We use only original tooling or the best facsimile available to restore the classic vehicle to its most pristine condition.

  • We have an enclosed car trailer for pickup and deliveries

    To safely transport your vehicle to and from our state-of-the-art facilities.