Newest Edition to Maple Hill-1947 Ford Truck

We just repurchased this 1947 Ford Pickup truck that my dad purchased around 1960 and was used as his daily driver.  It was then sold some years later, and then in 1973 he purchased the truck back but at that point it was not in running condition and was just in storage.  In 2001 he gave the truck to a friend of his for a Christmas present.  This owner installed a V8 engine with a automatic transmission during his ownership of the truck.  He got it back on the road and drove the truck to work for 14 years putting over 20,000 miles on it.  Last year we asked to borrow it for family pictures.  We were just recently approached by the owner who asked if we would like to bring it back home to our family-which we gladly accepted.  Watch future posts to see what plans we have in store for this truck!!


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