1965 Windshield reinstallation

The doors and windshield have been installed.

The glove box and glove box door have been installed.

The brand new windhsield and NOS windshield rubber are ready to be reinstalled in the car.

I am installing the windshield back into the car, often known as "roping in" of the windshield.

Caulking of the windshield with 3M windshield caulk part #8509.

The windshield is completely installed and sealed.

This door cradle attachment on the floor jack helps you install the door by yourself.

The window regulator has been restored and regreased and is ready to be installed back into the door.

This 1964 penny was found underneath the interior windshield trim on top of the dash. I suspect that the penny was placed there when the car was new.


The penny was put back where I found it and reinstalled the molding.