1965 Mustang refinishing inside of trunk

Here the inside of the trunk and rear body area have been painted and clear coated.

The seam sealer has been applied to the seams inside of the trunk. In this time frame in the Dearborn assembly plant flowable seam sealer was being used just as I have reproduced on the seam of this car.

Seam sealer has been applied around the rear bumper mount brace and also flowable seam sealer has been used along the taillight panel and rear trunk brace. Just as the factory applied it.

Sprayable seam sealer was used instead of actual undercoating to reproduce the sound deadening material sprayed on at the factory.

The body is taped up and ready for spraying.

A coat of gray sealer has been applied inside of the trunk.

Red oxide sealer has been applied to the rear seating area of the body.

The color has been applied ot the trunk area. The rear seating area received very little paint at the factory. I have duplicated this factory method here.

Paint and clear coat have been applied.

Finished product.