1965 Mustang underbody refinishing

The underbody was refinished with the correct glossy black then oversprayed of the body color Twilight Turquoise then followed by pinch weld black overspray at the rocker panels

Rear trunk brace sprayed with the gray sealer that was used on the outer body then with body overspray on it. The rear bumper guard bracket was installed before the car was painted.

Body buck mounting position on the frame rail also primer drips in the floor pan ridges just like the factory would have done.

The original underbody black was very glossy at this time frame in early January at the Dearborn assembly plant.

This is a galvanized rear frame rail on one of the body buck mounts.

This tubing mount is how I reproduce the spray pattern of the car being on the assembly line body buck.

This is a shot of the rear wheel well with the factory undercoating and body color overspray.


Left hand front apron that was painted gloss black then had body color overspray on top of it.

Another picture of one of the galvanized body buck mounts.

Backside of the rear valence with the factory gray primer and body color overspray.

Black sealer sprayed on the underbody. Next comes the gloss black top coat.

Black sealer sprayed on the underbody.

Body is taped up ready to spray the underside of the floor pans.

The underbody taped up and ready for the black sealer.

Primer drips on the floor pan ribs. Just like the factory would have sprayed it.

Undercoating sprayed on the rear trunk floor.

Rear wheel well undercoating applied.

The underbody is ready for the black sealer to be applied.

The body is taped up and ready to spray the underside.