1964 Corvette-updated progress


The main focus of the work on this project is to repair all items that do not work or function. We are starting by removing the a/c system from the car that did not work and also removing the underdash wiring harness and engine compartment wiring harness to install new ones. We are going to also install new heat insulation and firewall matt underneath the dash to help with the heat from the engine bay in the interior of the car.


Removal of the instrument cluster and will be sent out to be restored


Seats are removed for better access while disassembly of the underdash area is taking place

This is the lefthand side of the underdash and firewall area with everything removed

This is the right hand cowl area in the engine compartment bay with all the a/c and heater components removed

This is part of the a/c box on the firewall. The fan motor runs the heater and the air conditon. It was taken apart in 2 sections to be able to remove it from the car with the engine installed.

This is a picture of the underdash wiring harness at the windshield wiper mounting location. I try to take detailed pictures of the wire routing before disassembly to assist in the reassembling of the new wiring.